Top 5 Screen Mirroring Apps

Screen Mirroring Apps
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Looking at small screens whole day can be hectic and painful for the eyes; one solution for small screens of your phones can be mirroring them onto a larger screen. Mirror screening can be a complicated process if you don’t know the correct steps. We have created a list of application that will help you mirror your phone’s screen onto a computer with only a few steps. So without any further ado let’s look at the top 5 screen mirroring apps for your phone.


Mirriorgo is one of the top rated apps available for Android users it is developed by the FilmoraGo. It allows its users to use the keyboard and mouse connected to their computers making typing easier than ever on phone. The game too can be played on the larger screen.

ScreenMeet Mobile Screen Share

Screenmeet, however, does not provide users with any fancy features but it does its job pretty well and that is to mirror screen of your smartphone onto the computer in simplest form as possible.


This application allows users to connect their phones with the computers by just typing a specific URL that has been assigned to them. Users can do a conference call and chat with other people using a group.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome remote desktop lets its users mirror their computer screen on their smartphone using just their Google id and chrome browsers. It can be very useful in certain situations like when you need to access your computer but you’re far away from your home.

Google Home

Google home is a screen mirroring app for Google devices; it allows it, users, to mirror their phone screen onto the TV screens using chromecast. It works exceptionally well in mirroring your phone screen but unfortunately, users will need chromecast to use it.

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