Top 5 Life Hack Apps

life hack apps

There are lots of apps available that make your life easier by making some task of your day simpler so that you will be on top of your game so without further ado here are top 5 life hack apps.

Dark Sky

This app makes your life easier by telling getting your exact location and telling you the weather conditions for today and for future days. This app is a lifesaver for those who don’t usually check the weather before they leave home, this app gives you additional information that you need to know in order to keep up with that kind of weather.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep cycle measures your sleep to analyze how your sleep pattern behaves and will try to correct by waking you at a particular time in your sleep cycle so that you wake up feeling great. Sleep cycle shows your quality of sleep, the amount of light that you need to have to sleep better and many other stats about your sleep pattern.

Meme Generator

This app may not look like it’s going to improve your life by any means but actually does allows you to be happy and make you look a bit more funny front of other. This application generates memes on the basis of the messages coming your way so you can reply with a funny image.

Google Keep

You don’t have to remember to set a reminder on your phone because this app does that for you by taking notes for you and color coding them in according to the content and it is completely free.


Duolingo makes learning a new language easy for you by making you do step by step tasks. You only need to give this app about 20 minutes of your day and you’ll learn a new language in no time.

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