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Augmented reality or AR seemed like a distant future not too long ago but now it is everywhere and is becoming more and more accessible and advanced. AR tries to overlay virtual images and objects onto the reality itself. Here are top 5 augmented reality apps.

Pokémon GO

Most of the people first heard about AR when Pokémon Go first became viral. This is the most popular AR game out there and it just uses your camera, GPS, and the internet to function. It displays virtual characters that the users have to catch using their ball. Developed by Niantic this game locates your location and shows you nearby Pokémon to catch in an inbuilt map.

The Machine

This another game is added to the list because of its amazing AR capabilities, it offers users to play with more than one person in an actual space where they will have to position their machines in space using their camera as a see-through.

Ink Hunter

This app is for people who are thinking of getting a tattoo but are not sure which one will look good or where they should get it on their body. Ink hunter lets the user see the tattoo through their camera on their bodies and it is as similar looking as possible to when you get an actual tattoo.


Through this unique app, you can stick a virtual message throughout the world in physical places and only people with Wallace app can see it. To use this app you’ll have to take picture of a place and draw any message on it and thereafter only people who know that location and are at that location can see it.

Google Translate

Google translate allows the user to translate any written text just by scanning it using their camera. It offers offline and real-time translation of text, offline translation of text can be achieved through downloading the language package.

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