Top 5 Anonymous Messaging Apps

Anonymous Messaging Apps
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Sometimes we are bored we just want to prank someone or just have a conversation with someone that we don’t want to give our identity to, either way, anonymous messaging apps help a lot in this kind of situation. There are lots of anonymous messaging apps that might be able to send the message without ever getting back traced back to you. So without any further ado let’s look at the top 5 anonymous messaging apps.


Whisper is the app for you if you want to share your thoughts with the world without revealing your identity. It is one of the most downloaded anonymous messaging apps on app store, it posts messages in picture format that can be discovered by topics and you can even send private messages to other people on the app.


Candid is an online chat community in which like-minded people can talk and discuss topics with each other. It has taken many measures to curb hate speech by making private groups and giving the option of reporting users who post inappropriate texts.


Snapchat is a rising social media platform and it also provides users to sent anonymous messages of up to 140 characters long. The person who received the message will not be able to know your identity.

Mustache Anonymous Texting

This application allows users to send up to five text messages for free on anyone’s phone with even a SIM card; it can be very useful for tablet users. The text messages are completely untraceable


This app is built for total anonymity of the user because it doesn’t even save the text messages sent by you on its servers, all messages are erased completely moments after you send them. To send messages you just will have to write the phone number or email address of the person who is going to receive your message.

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