Top 4 Science Apps for Android 2017

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The majority of science students worldwide use some sort of technology in their everyday life and most of them have android smart phones with them at all times. As we all know smart phones can help out a lot when you most need it and that is why we have compiled together our list of Top 4 Science Apps for Android 2017. Android has a lot of great apps that you can use on your smart phone which will help you out with your studies.

Periodic Table

Any science student will tell you that Periodic Table is one of the most important things in Chemistry and you can not memories the characteristics of each and every element and that is why the Periodic Table app will help you review any element whenever you want and it is extremely useful while doing homework.

Scientific Calculator

Most of the times when you are doing calculations related to chemistry or physics, you need a Scientific Calculator at handy but it is quite expensive to buy. If you have an android smart phone however, you can just download the v app on your phone and have all the functions of the best Scientific Calculator without even have to purchase one.

Virtual Orbitals

If you have learned about physical chemistry then you would know how difficult it can be to understand the molecular orbitals and the arrangement of the molecule in free space and what a specific type of hybridization looks like but Virtual Orbitals gives you a 3D model of the molecular orbitals to help you understand them better.

Ray Optics

If you are having any problems understanding how the ray optics work, how the images form with different types of mirrors and lens then you need to download the Ray Optics app on your phone, it will simulate every scenario for you.


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