Top 4 Navigation Apps for Android 2017

Navigation apps
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Navigation apps are a must in today’s day and age because every person travels a lot and they need to see the correct directions to their destination without having to ask anyone on the way. Check out our list of Top 4 Navigation Apps for Android 2017 if you want to know the best navigation apps that you can install on your android device.

Google Maps

Google Maps is the most reliable online map app in the world and it is available on almost all devices. The app has all the features that you might need to locate any address, it has the most users in the world as the app is made by Google and comes preinstalled on all android devices. It is very useful when you do not speak the common tongue and want to get to your destination quickly.

Google Earth

Google Earth is a very cool app which imitates a globe on your phone which you can control and travel to any place in the world just by swiping. Google Earth has really cool animations which you can take advantage of and travel to different location very quickly. You also get to know the globe a little more while using the Google Earth app.

Street View

Street View is an extension to the Google maps and Google Earth apps which are already great but the Street View app makes them even better. With Street View you can view the ground view of the place on your phone, a 360 degree picture and it helps very much to explore any street in the world. Street View is not available or does not work in rural areas.


NASA is the app for people who want to explore what our earth and other planets look like from the perspective of astronauts. You can check out this app to see great videos from outer space.

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