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Blogging Apps
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A lot of famous people on the internet use the power of blogs to influence their audience and in this way they do not have to rely on any other factor such as a third party website like YouTube to allow them to post their opinion. If you are a blogger or want to be one, take a look at our list of Top 3 Blogging Apps given below that you can use on your phone to manage your blog easily.


WordPress is one of the most popular apps and a platform for most of the working websites on the internet right now. WordPress makes it so easy to run a website or a blog on your own without any external expert. You can run your blogs WordPress and you can also manage a website with this android app on your phone. The interface of this app is very simple and easy to use.


Blogger is a free platform for any Google user, you can make your own blog on Blogger by following some simple steps. A large portion of blogs still run on Blogger and you can not argue with the fact that it is simple and efficient and it is everything you would expect from a blog. You can also monetize your blogs if you manage to bring enough traffic to your blog.


Tumblr is a social platform where you can share your thoughts or stories with other people and get to know theirs. You can share text, videos, GIFs, live videos, audio and much more with your follower on this platform and follow the people you like. You can get to know and meet different people online who have different opinions. Tumblr is used by millions of users every day and you can join them and share your thoughts.

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