TUTUApp Pangu Jailbreak

TutuAppAs jailbreak is becoming so common these days, more and more types of different jailbreak tools are available that you can use for your device, the best part is that some of these jailbreaks don’t even require a PC, you can download them directly on your device and do it yourself, Pangu Jailbreak is developed by Pangu Team. Pangu tool is specifically for devices with iOS version 9 to 9.0.2. There are several features that it comes with which further allow you to customise your device in different ways. It adds new custom themes that you can choose from. There are several tweaks which let you change almost every aspect of your iOS device like changing the number of apps in your docks or give it a cool effect, you can remove page limits and customise animations as you choose, even the lock screen can be completely customised and icons can be resized or masked.

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TUTUApp is a popular third party app store for iOS devices where you will find all the apps you may need. iOS is arguably the most beautifully crafted operating system in the world that you can get on any smart phone and to accompany the experience you need great apps. Most apps on the apple app store are paid and are expensive and you will need to spend a lot to get the perfect app of your desire but there’s another way. TUTUApp is not just another third party app store, it provides almost all the apps you find on the official apple app store but for free!

TUTUApp provides all the popular apps that you can download for your specific iOS version. Almost all the popular paid apps are available on the TUTUApp iOS app store. You can also download the hacked versions of the popular apps and social media platforms which make them much more fun to use, you get new features in the same apps that were not available in the regular app. You can also download hacked games with unlimited in game credits or even eBook apps that provide unlimited free eBooks of your liking. IF you like premium apps but do not want to pay top dollar then this is the app for you.

Download TUTUApp iOS

  • Open Phone settings on your iOS device and navigate to General Settings > Date and Time. Now set the date exactly one year prior to today’s date, i.e. if today is 20 Aug 2017, set the date to 20 Aug 2016.
  • Now open safari on your device.
  • Download TUTUApp iOS
  • Chose the version of your operating system and tap on “Install”.
  • Tap “Install” again when you see the installation dialogue box.
  • Open the TUTUApp iOS app from home screen and download free apps!