TUTUApp Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is a fantastic photo editing application for your iPhone and iPad. It provides you with the full power of high-end photo editing tools on your handheld devices and you can easily take them wherever you go. It provides you almost all of the features of a photo editing tool that are required to edit your photos and make them look more attractive. In this tool, you have a section for different filters from which you can select the suitable one for your image. It also gives you the ability to Pan and zoom and cut your image so that it can adjust with the screen resolution of a choice. It also allows you to remove the background of your photos and add other backgrounds that you want. It gives you the features of layers through which you can create hundreds of layers in your creations and artworks. Affinity Photo enables you to implement your visualisation into your creations and make them with a more innovative approach. It only cost 28.98 USD for the full access of all the features of this tool. Its interface is very clear so you will easily understand its various tools by the resembling icons that you have provided in the interface of an application. Continue reading

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TUTUApp Wallmart

Wallmart is one of the best jailbreak tweak application that helps you to cycle through your wallpaper on iOS-based devices. It is completely free of charge and you can set up this app automatically to cycle through each wallpaper after a specific time period. You can also set wallpapers cycle on your every unlocks so whenever you unlock a device you have a new wallpaper automatically cycled buy this application. it also gives you the feature of tweaks preference in the settings of the application when you will go there you will find two basic section of Wallmart section and an interwall section. You can set the specific time interval in the interwall section of the app and you can also use Wallmart section of the application to set cycle of wallpapers whenever you unlock screen. It has a very simplified and easy to use interface through which you can easily specify the wallpaper which you want to cycle at different time intervals. Continue reading

TUTUApp Venmo

Venmo is one of the most popular application which helps you to send cash quickly to your colleagues and friends and you can also use this app to pay your shopping bills at online stores. This application will help you to get rid of awkward IOUs and helps you to share your new purchases with your friends and family members. This app also enables you to keep track of what your friends are doing on the feed. It is also popular because of its lightning-fast transition speed as compared to its any other competitive substitute. Venmo does not charge any transaction fees on your online payments with your debit card and bank account so it is the best option for online transactions. It also facilitates you to use Venmo balance for your online payments and you can as easily convert your balance into cash from your nearby bank. Venmo also offers you a MasterCard which you can use in the entire U.S to buy online products. This app uses advanced security protocols to completely protect your valuable transition information from intruders and your account security can be taken very seriously by Venmo security experts. You can easily pay your mobile bills and other payments by using this application and it also offers you to connect and share with your friends by enabling you to add notes to your payment using your beloved emojis. Continue reading

TUTUApp Pokemon Monster

Pokemon Monster is one more Fantastic game from the classic series of Pokemon. it is one of the first generations Pokemon games then you may enjoy the features of a series of pocket Monsters in this game you have to collect pokemon in your pokeballs and then you need to train them for a fight with different opponent’s and defeat them to win their badges. If you are a Pokemon lover then this is the best game you ever played in your entire life it is the classical game which gives you the feel of Pokemon expert. Pokemon Monster has stunning graphics and animation effects which affairs like real life things. The controls of this game have very simple and easy to use even a child can quickly figure out its controls. It supports multiple languages so you can play this game independent on your language and country. It takes less space on your device so it also saves your memory and makes your device work more efficiently. In this game, you have a different category of various pokemon from which you need to select your favourite once and train them to develop and won the battle. Continue reading

TUTUApp OfferUp

OfferUp is the world’s largest marketplace available on the internet which helps local buyers and sellers to make their deals. This application makes it very simple to find interesting deals on a wide variety of things from which you want to make money by selling it or by trading. Ads and garage sales are the topmost where to buy and sell in your community or nearby area. It only takes 30 seconds to launch your first item for sale from which you will make money. It also has a separate discount section where you will get discounts on electronics, sports equipment, clothes, furniture and more. It also provides you with advanced search and filter options through which you can browse your local items in your nearby area which is for sale. It also has various features like ratings, reviews and description of the product which helps you a lot to research before buying any product. OfferUp also gives you a chance to buy and sells applications by creating your unique seller profile page and win the trust of your customers. This application makes it’s very easy to communicate with your buyers and sellers so you will which definitely have an advantage while making a deal. Continue reading

TUTUApp Hulu

Do you want all of your TV in one place? Are you searching for best streaming application? Yes, then Hulu app is your final stop. This is an application that helps you to stream all of your TV channels as a single place and gives you a Hulu experience which is more personalized and intuitive then you experienced ever before. It enables you to watch more than 50 live TV channels in a library. It also gives you the ability to watch past seasons for many of your favourite TV shows that you have missed due to some reasons. It has an algorithm which constantly processes your browsing activities which helps you to provide more personalized experience based on your interests. Hulu allows you to create up 26 profiles for your entire family and you can enjoy your own collection of TV shows movies videos and much more. It enables you to record live TV and back up your recordings to your cloud DVR so you can watch them anytime you want. Continue reading

TUTUApp Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi is an awesome Taxi Driving game which will give you a lot of fun and joy. In this game, you have a mission in which you need to pick passenger in your Crazy Taxi and the destination will be stored to you in your left corner you need to drop the passenger to death location and double rewarded money vary from each type of passenger you carry. This game has smooth control so that you don’t have any difficulty to drive your taxi. during the gameplay, you need to follow the arrow on your screen which will give you the direction to the destination of your passenger and you also have a time limitation within which you need to drop your passenger at its Final Destination animation will be filed if you are unable to reach the destination within the time limit. In this game, you can also earn extra money by showing your stunt skills in the fictional city of the game. The passenger you need to prepare indicated by the overhead marker that is coloured to represent a distance for the destination. You can use your stunt moves include jumps, drifts, near-misses and various type of combos to earn extra money during the drive. Continue reading

TUTUApp ClassDojo

Do you want to build an amazing classroom community? Are you ready to customise your studying community? if you are, then you must try ClassDojo which is a beautiful application for students, teachers and parents. It helps them to communicate with each other in a simple and easy to use manner. This application helps a lot for teachers to encourage their students for any type of skills such as teamwork, leadership, hardworking and many more. This application also allows you to share photos by which teachers can communicate with the parents and give them a classroom like an experience by sharing photos and this will help them both to make their communication better than ever before. It is the best alternative for the parents-teachers meeting concept now they can meet we are this app and chat through interactive messages. All the communication done through this application will be entirely secured by a strong encryption technology so that no one can access it from anywhere. This application allows parents to monitor their children’s update at home with the help of video and photos trains from their schools. It also enables you to create your own group and make your study better. Continue reading

TUTUApp DropBox

Dropbox is one of the most popular file hosting service available on the Internet which allows you to host your important documents and digital files on its cloud server. It is a client-server based software which can create a folder on your device and all the content you put in that folder can be automatically synchronized to its cloud server and then you are able to access it with any of your devices having access to the Dropbox account. It is available for free and also offers update subscription which will upgrade your storage capacity. It also enables you to share your digital files with anyone buys a simple shareable link you just need to create a link for that particular file or folder and then share it to your friend and they are able to download the files effortlessly. It is available for almost all the devices such as IOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac and etc. Dropbox also has an integrated document scanner which helps you to convert your text files into PDF and notes. When you create a free account you will get a 30-day trial which is completely free and then if you want to continue you need to purchase it’s Dropbox plus membership in which you will get 1TB of a storage space. if you want you can further upgrade your membership by purchasing its professional membership in which user will get 2TB of storage space to store all of your important files. Continue reading

TUTUApp Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is one of the most addictive games of all time. It is generally a microgame in which you need to start your journey with a sheet of graph paper and then you have a doodle character which you need to move from one platform to the next by jumping and on your way you need to pick up jet packs to increase your jump and stay away from black holes and blasting balls which can destroy you whenever you collide with them. In this game, you can beat other players by creating your new high scores which are described in the margin of the game. The game has many awesome words to choose and play in including Jungle, soccer, underwater, Halloween, pirates, Ninja and many more. You can choose and play any one of these different worlds and each world has its own difficulty level. Doodle Jump has more than a hundred challenging missions to test your skills. This game also displays the Global leaderboard which has the rankings of the top high scorers and you need to play in creating a next I score to make your place in this leaderboard. The controls of this game are very smooth and simple you just need to tilt your device to move right or left and tap your screen to shoot. Continue reading