TUTUApp EveryCord

TutuAppEveryCord is one of the most famous screen recording application for Android users which will provide you with the facility to record the screen of your Android device. The interface of this application is very simple to use and it will provide you with the straight forward controls to customise the settings of your recordings based on your choices. It will also available for free so you should use this application without losing your pocket. It is fully secure and protected by the encryption layer so your recordings and other account details will be completely kept safe within this app. In order to get started you just have to sign up an account and then you will directly find all the options to record the screen of your Android device this will be very helpful for the user who wants to record the game place on their Android phones. It will provide you with the easy to use pause and resume feature which will allow you to pause and resume your recordings and after recording a video you can also use its video editor tool to edit your videos and there you will find a lot of features like skipping, trimming, layer effects and many others. Continue reading

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TUTUApp Pandora++

TutuAppPandora++ is the latest modded version of official Pandora music application. This application will provide you with additional features integrated into the original Pandora application. It will allow you to enjoy your favourite music service on any of your favourite application. You can enjoy high-quality streams of your favourite music tracks directly on your device without having any type of problems. It does not cause any problems on your weak internet connection and now this version has removed the time limit of 180 minutes and now you can enjoy unlimited streams of your favourite music tracks. It also provides you with the new feature of unrestricted access through which you can enjoy and explore each and every aspect of this application. It can be now usable from any location all around the globe. This modified version of Pandora also has a feature of unlimited skips which is the best one and now you can also have the ability to download any of your favourite music tracks by using this app. All the ads were removed in this modified version and you will get non-disturbing user experience. Continue reading

TUTUApp MovieBox

TutuAppMovieBox is an easy to use app that will deliver you non-stop movies entertainment services. This application can be used by any user on any of their favourite platforms. It will provide you with the latest entertaining content from all over the globe. This application will make it very easy for you to download your movies within your smart devices. It will work absolutely fine on your Android Smartphones and Tablets. You do not have to root your Android phone in order to use this powerful application. It will also offer many other services like providing you trending movie content, latest TV programs and the upcoming trailers of your favourite movies in high quality. You will also get all type of news to get stay updated with your surroundings. It will be a complete solution for entertainment at a single place. It will also provide you top movies list where you can see which are the top movies of the year in a particular category. Here you will find a lot of categories that you can directly select to see the best movies within these categories. If you want to download these movies you will get a direct downloading option. Continue reading

TUTUApp SoundCloud++

TutuAppSoundCloud++ is one of the most used music streaming application which is just the latest modified version of the SoundCloud application. This application now comes up with several new added features that you cannot find in the previous official app. It will now provide you with enhanced facilities to enjoy your favourite music tracks. You will also have the feature of unlimited downloads through which you can download the most famous tracks from all over the internet and enjoy them on offline. It will also provide you with a built-in media player that is specially designed for playing the downloads of SoundCloud and you will not face any kind of problems by using this player. You can also enjoy the added feature of offline playback which will enhance your facility to enjoy the music world. This modified version provides you with the unrestricted access to full features of this app. Now you can explore this app to the fullest. It will also have a newly added feature of customization which will allow you to customize the colour scheme of the app. It also enables you to share your favourite music tracks with anybody that you want. It is properly secured with the latest security methods. Continue reading

TUTUApp Twitch++

TutuAppTwitch++ is the latest modified version of the most popular video streaming platform known as Twitch. It will come up with more functionalities added to the original app. It can be easily used by all of the users of Android and iOS platforms. Its interface is very neat and clean and provide you quick navigation controls through which you can easily use this application for your daily task. With this modified version now you can stream unlimited videos without having any type of restrictions. You can also watch multiple video streams at once without spending any of your money at all on streaming . This version of twitch also help you to get rid of video ads that disturbs you during the playback of your favourite videos streams. Now you can enjoy your favourite twitch creators in an uninterrupted way with this modified version. It is also very minimal in size and you can enjoy it on your desire devices. You can also have the option of hide promoted channels so that others don’t see anything about these channels. You can also have the feature of instant play and pause. These are the most famous features of this modified version of Twitch that you can enjoy. Continue reading

TUTUApp 1 Second Everyday

TutuApp1 Second Everyday is the application with a unique concept of catching yourself by creating 1-second videos of Little Moments of every day of your life. It was awarded by WEBBY award in the title of the best use of a mobile camera. This will help you by enabling you to record one second every day in your life so that you can have a positive impact of understanding your life in a more deep manner. It can increase your development and change the perspective by which you can see your life here you will find many of the videos from awesome content creators that have one-second recordings of their six years of the life and each and every moment will explain their lives in the best way. It will provide you with the feature of unlimited mashing that allows you to manipulate the length of your videos. You can also set a reminder so that the next day you can easily remember that you have to make the video of one second every day. It also gives a feature of unlimited timelines through which you can share your creations with the rest of the world. You can also share these videos from this app directly to your social media accounts. Continue reading

TUTUApp Dark Sky Weather

TutuAppDark Sky Weather is the most perfect application which will provide you hyperlocal weather information which is hundred per cent accurate. It is based on the theme of down to the minute forecast where you will know exactly the weather near your local area. It will accurately predict the upcoming weather when the rain will start or stop, upcoming storms and others in the most perfect manner. It will provide you with the facility of 24 by 7 hours forecasting. It also has the option to search for a specific area and get the details about the weather conditions of the particular area. You can also integrate the API of this app to your various other platforms. It can also give you amazing weather maps which have the historical data so that you can do your own search for a particular location on the map. You can get this app for free and enjoy its basic functions but if you want to enjoy it for the life then you have to purchase its premium membership where many of the new features will be unlocked. It does not require to sign in and also provide you advertisement free interface so that you can get the most accurate information without any type of distraction. Continue reading

TUTUApp Forest – Stay focused

TutuAppForest – Stay focused is an application which allows you to maintain your focus on a particular task and it helps you to increase your focusing power by providing different task. It is a very useful application if you want to do the things which have more importance in your life. The sense of achievement that you have in this app will encourage you to stay away from your phone and help you to make better use of your free time and invest it into something more valuable. This app has a smooth interface which will provide you with the basic tools such as a timer that can help you to track each and every single moment of your time so that you can invest it and know that whether you have used it for something valuable or just test waste it on your phone. It will be the best tool that you have ever used to become self-motivated and get more things in this way you can also increase your productivity and the overall work done by you will be invested in something cool so that you can enjoy its benefit later in your future. Continue reading

TUTUApp Artstudio Pro

TutuAppArtstudio Pro is the most professional image editing app for your iPhone and iPad. It will come up with a lot of advanced functions and features to help you with create your digital paintings and take your digital art to the next level. It will be also very helpful whenever you want to edit your photos. This application has a nice feature of layers which allows you to add up to unlimited filter in your creation to make them more realistic and it also offers the additional tools like move, crop, eyedropper, eraser, paint, colour toner and many others. You can easily perform the actions like Dodge and Burn, Heal and many other with this app without having any issues. It was absolutely fine on all the devices which have iOS and Mac Operating systems installed on them. You can easily create groups, mask, clipping mask, adjustment, layer and other things within your creation by the use of this app and it also supports 24 blending modes which will give you a real boost within your animations. You will be also entirely free to export your creations into different formats and share them on any of the social media platforms directly from the app. The user interface of this application is very straightforward and easy to use. Continue reading

TUTUApp AppBox Pro

TutuAppAppBox Pro is the best ever application for the iOS users. It contains more than a dozen well-designed applications and combines all of the features of this application within only one. With this application, you can easily manage your confidential data by creating a list and in many other forms. The main application that it provides will help you to manage your expenses loans, travel, planning, anniversaries, to do list, software keys, credentials and lot of others. This application provides your quicker and smoother experience while managing your data and it provides you with the world-class security with which every bit of your data will be entirely secure and protected. This application also enables you to turn on your iCloud to keep your personal data more secure. The use of this application is very simple you just need to slide the navigator to select the desired application for your task. This application will also allow you to customise the theme colour according to your preference so that you can enjoy it in your own ways. It will also give you the option to set the password and secure your confidential data. It will also customise a list of commonly used application for you and give you this application in the navigation bar that you can directly use the next time to save your time and efforts. Continue reading