TUTUApp Amazon Prime Video

TutuAppAmazon Prime Video is a video streaming application provided by Amazon itself. It can be used on any Android device and it will help you to enjoy your favorite TV shows, popular movies and other types of media content on your Android device. This application contains the best collection of Bollywood and Hollywood movies that the user can simply watch online by using this application. You will also get an option to download the movies for offline usage into their Android device. This app works on both of your internet connection over Wi-Fi connection. You can also search and view the data about the actors, song, and movies by using this application. This app also provides additional benefits to the Amazon Prime members so that they can subscribe to more than hundred premium and special channels by using this application which will help them to enjoy regular TV shows of many popular channels of their choice. You can also purchase premium videos from thousands of titles by using this application. It can be easily installed on all Android system that works on 4.1 and above version of Android. Continue reading

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TUTUApp Dailyhunt

TutuAppDailyhunt is one of the most popular news application which will give you unbiased election updates and breaking news in multiple local Indian languages on your smartphone. It is one of the biggest news sources which is trusted by a large number of people. This application makes you enjoy the latest news at your fingertips. You can get all type of news from various categories such as politics, Sports, Technology, Bollywood, and others by using this new application. It also has the option of watching live video news which will enable you to enjoy news in the video format. You can also get Live Cricket scores by using this application so that you will know real-time match schedule scoreboard points and other highlights of your favorite sports. This application also gives you trending means to share on your social networks so that your friend will love them. This app supports multiple languages like Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, and others so the user from all of these States can enjoy the latest news in their own local language by using this awesome application. It can be installed on all type of Android devices that works on Android 4.0 and above operating system. Continue reading

TUTUApp KineMaster

TutuAppKineMaster is a professional video editor application for your Android devices which will help you to do the best level of video editing on your smartphones. This app support multi-layer editing of your videos images and text. It also has the functionality of 3D transition that can apply on your profile. It is available for free on your devices but if you want to unlock additional feature of this application you have to purchase a premium subscription. It also gives you all type of tools required to edit your videos. In this application, you can also adjust the brightness and saturation control of your video file and make them more professional. It has audio filters which will help you to edit your audio and add them to your videos. You can also get the feature of voice changer which will help you to change the pitch and vocals on your audio files. This application enables you to share your creation on popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Google, and others. This application has an amazing feature of real-time video and audio recording which will give you the functionality of a video recorder so that you don’t need to install any external recording application on my device for creating awesome videos. Continue reading

TUTUApp Snapdeal

TutuAppSnapdeal is an amazing online shopping application that will help you to enjoy online shopping on your Android smartphone. This application is freely available for all type of Android users. It will help you to find the latest offers to enjoy every discounted online shopping on your Smartphone. This application has the functionality to find the latest product in various different categories such as cloth, electronics, book, gadgets, and daily essentials. You can also have the chance to win prizes while shopping by using this application. It also helps you to save more money through various coupons and offers provided by this shopping application. It will also give you the best collection of clothes and footwear for both men and women on this application. You will find a new collection of shoes, sneakers, sandals, boots and other products. This application support all type of payment gateway which will help you to easily do your online payments while booking your orders through this app. You can also view a detailed description of the product that you want to purchase such as their images, specifications, price, ratings, reviews and other details. It is free from all type of advertisements so you can enjoy it without distracting yourself. It also has the feature to refund or return your product within 7 days of getting your product. Continue reading

TUTUApp YouTube Go

TutuAppYouTube Go is a new application from YouTube which will enable you to download and watch your best videos on your Android device. This application has the feature to discover popular videos including songs, movies, TV shows, comedy cooking and a lot of other video categories. You can also download these video files into your devices by using this new application. It also helps you to control your data and storage of your device through which you can properly manage the storage space of the device. This application also has a powerful search and filter option through which you can insert the videos by simply using the keyword. You can also save you have downloaded videos to your SD card by using this application. This app has an intelligent feature to automatically adjust the quality of videos which will help you to enjoy buffering free video streams. That also helps you to maximize your phone without consuming a lot of your mobile data. It has the best optimization facilities which will automatically reduce the size of your video stream which will be very useful for saving your data. This application can be installed on all of your Android systems. This app is also free from all type of person as you can also manage your YouTube account by using this application. Continue reading

TUTUApp Google Play Games

TutuAppGoogle Play Games is an amazing application which will help you to find and download your favorite games into your smartphone. By using this application you will also create your own game profile where you have the custom gamer ID and you can also earn XP points while enjoying these games. As you level up and master the game more levels will be unlocked in this application. You can also find built-in Google games that you can enjoy by using this application on all of your Android-based devices such as your Smartphones and Tablets. It also has the best connection of games where you will find the latest games divided into various categories. It is completely free from any type of problems so you don’t have to face any issues while downloading your favorite by using this application. In this application, you can earn awards by completing different challenges and achievements. This application can easily be installed on all of the Android devices that works on Android 4.2 and above version. It has more than 1 million downloads on the official Google Play Store so this is the best app that you should definitely try to enjoy the latest games on your Android devices. Continue reading

TUTUApp MX Player

TutuAppMX Player is a free video player application that will help you to play a different type of video files within your Android smartphones. It is one of the most powerful video players which also supports all type of audio files along with the feature of Advanced hardware acceleration through which you can enjoy videos and audios on your Android-based smartphones in the best quality. This app also supports the feature of multi-core decoding which will help you to provide dual-core performance while playing your favorite videos. It also has an amazing feature of pan and zoom which will help you to adjust your video by zooming in and out while playing on your device’s screen. You can also enjoy the subtitles of your favorite movies within this application. It comes up with the feature of kids lock which will help you to entertain your kids without having to worry about your device. This application can be installed on all Android devices that have Android 4.2 and above version installed on them. This application also has the functionality to automatically detect your video files from your device which will help you to get all video files at a single place within your Android smartphone. Continue reading

TUTUApp U-Dictionary

TutuAppU-Dictionary is one of the best application which will help you to translate and learn English on your Android device. This application is a free dictionary and translation app where you will find more than 108 languages and you can easily translate this language within one another. This application contains dictionaries of more than 44 different languages which will help you to strengthen your English level. This application also has the feature of translation text which will help you to translate any two languages from the rest of them. You can also have an amazing feature of camera translation which will help you to snap a photo of text and translate it to your chosen language. You can also enjoy the offline dictionary which does not require an internet connection in order to work. This application has a lock screen option which will help you to show words on your lock screen without accessing the offline package which will help you to take your learning level one step ahead. This application is the best app for helping you to perfect your English pronunciation. You can listen and learn US English accent by using this app. This application is available in 14 different display languages so you can use this app in your own native language. In this application, you will also find different games which will help you to learn the English language. Continue reading


TutuAppOLX is the best application for buying and selling online product by using your Android-based devices. This application is one of the India’s largest marketplace where you can buy or sell used products. This application will allow you to easily register for free and list your items that you want to sell and the buyer can view your products and get all type of details to purchase them. This app also has a chat first option where the buyer can contact to the seller to make deal by using this platform. You will find products from various categories including mobile phones, furniture, baby products, books, sports, electronic, musical, instruments, cars and much others. This app has a good interface which is very easy to navigate to find the products of the interest. You can also have the feature of searching through which you can search the product by using some keywords. This app also displays other details about the products such as their description, pricing and other details. This app also has a feature through which you can search the products based on location which will help you to find the nearby deals so that you can grab them easily. Continue reading

TUTUApp VMate Status

TutuAppVmate Status is one of the most trending video sharing platforms where you will find interesting video status to use on your Android smartphone. This application will provide you a wide range of WhatsApp status which you will get at free of cost. You can easily download these status videos and save them within your device by using this app. It is India’s best free short video app which will give you trending videos to watch, download and share. In this app, you can also create your own video and become popular by increasing your fan base. This app contains the latest, hottest and more exciting videos that you will love to enjoy watching with your friends. It is fully updated with the latest content so you will never get bored with this application. You can also have fun by sharing this WhatsApp status with your friends. This will make your friendship better. This app does not have any type of issues with your security so you are completely safe while using this app. It will also give you the ability to follow your friends and chat with them by using the messaging and chatting feature of this application. Continue reading