TUTUApp MakeMyTrip

TutuAppMakeMyTrip is one of the best booking application that will allow you to easily book any type of flights, Hotels, buses, cabs or railway tickets. This application is available for all type of Android devices like your smartphones, tablets and others. It allows you to quickly book your flight tickets with instant options. This application also provide you cheapest flight tickets that has are available as heavily discounted and you will also get an extra section to get such deals on your bookings. You can also book your favourite hotels by this application by just searching them and you will get all type of information about the hotel and their rates. It does not want you to create any account for to do booking and you will also has the feature to easily know the PNR status after your train booking. This application displays the real-time PNR status which is regularly updated after specific time intervals. It is one of the most fastest application for booking your trips of the future. In this application you get the amazing feature to search by location where you can get all type of information about a specific location like the hotels that lies near your targeted location. Continue reading

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TUTUApp Plusdede

TutuAppPlusdede is the best application for watching the latest movies, TV shows and documentaries on your Android devices. This application is a media streaming app that you can easily use on your Smartphones and Tablets. In order to get started with this application you have to create a free account on the official website of this app then you can enjoy an unlimited amount of free video streams on your Android devices by using the application. This application requires Android 4.1 and above version to work properly on your Android device. It is available in multiple languages so you can enjoy it from each and every corner of the world. It also has an amazing feature of downloading your favourite video clips and audio files that you can enjoy in the offline mode. You can also set the quality of your video playback based on your requirements. This app enables you to create the playlist of your favourite videos so that you can keep track of the episodes that you have seen previously. You can also bookmark your favourite videos and TV series to watch them in the near future with this application. It is fully secure from all type of possible threats. Continue reading

TUTUApp FilzaEscaped

TutuAppFilzaEscaped is the best application for getting the root access of your iOS device without jailbreaking your device. This is a stand alone application which is extremely popular among the iOS community. It helps you to get the read and write access to the root of your iOS device without jailbreaking it. This app provides you a very easy and use simple user interface through which you can manage all type of access to the root of your device. It does not require to create any type of account or register anywhere to enjoy these features. This application can be easily installed with the common process of installation like all the other apps. Even a new user can enjoy this application and use it without needing any of the special Instructions. The file size of this application is very small so it only takes a few megabytes of storage space for enjoying the access to the root of your iPhones, iPads and iPods along with other iOS-based devices. This application does not jailbreak your device and provide you with the complete root access so that you can do any of your intended tasks with the root access of your device. This application supports all type of latest firmware of your modern iOS devices so you can easily install and use this app for enjoying the root permissions of your iOS devices. Continue reading

TUTUApp SnapFix

TutuAppSnapFix is a popular application for applying for your dream jobs. This application helps you to easily view jobs displayed on its beautifully designed interface. In this app, you can also search the jobs based on different categories and then you will also have a feature of chatting through which you can easily have a conversation with the interviewer for applying to a specific job. It also has other features like tags and location which will help you to find the jobs on the basis of location. You can also create your own job and hire employees which is one of the best features for the companies who want to enhance their growth. It also allows you to add pictures and videos for jobs so that the interested users can view these sample images and other video content which can be easily installed on all of your iOS devices that have iOS 9.0 and above version. It is available in only English language and it does not contain any type of ads to distract you or to generate hidden revenues. Continue reading

TUTUApp Snapchat Phantom

TutuAppSnapchat Phantom is a modified version of Snapchat that will allow you to enjoy cool stuff on your iOS device. It will enable you to enjoy additional integrated features along with the powerful functions of the Snapchat. It helps you to bypass all type of restrictions of original Snapchat very easily. It allows you to upload photos and videos from your device. This modified version also help you to save snaps and history on your device of any profile that you want. It also enables you to remove that Discover and life stories options within your profile. This application also has some major security bug fixes so it is completely secure and do not compromise any of your account detail with anyone. This application helps you to hide your online status with your friends so that they will don’t know that you are online or offline. This app comes up with new brush and paint tools with which you can do some external additional things with your app as you can easily change the size of your brush, eraser and paint bucket. It also helps you to redo the strokes on your images. This app is overall one of the best-modified version of a Snapchat for enjoying extra features for free of cost. Continue reading


TutuAppDo you want to enjoy the best anti revoke application for your iOS devices for enjoying modded or tweaked apps? If yes then NoThx is one of the best application that you can enjoy playing modded games on your iOS devices. This application helps your device to revoke the restricted permission from your iOS systems which will help you to enjoy uninterrupted gaming experience while playing the tweaked versions of games. It is one of the best application specially created for such users who are interested in enjoying modded apps on their iOS devices. It does not require you to jailbreak your device in order to use this application. It can be easily used on all of the iOS devices that is not Jailbroken. This app is like a VPN which will block the Apple system from checking your apps that’s why all of your modded apps works without any problem on your iOS device by using this anti revoke application and if Apple has already blocked some feature of your modded apps then it will help you to enjoy and unblock these features so overall it is the best app for enjoying modded and tweaked games and apps on your iOS device. Continue reading

TUTUApp Mame4iOS

TutuAppMame4iOS is one of the best emulator ever created for your iOS device. It will be very helpful for enjoying arcade games on your iPhones, iPads and iPods. It is very easy to use and understand the different features of this emulating app. It will provide you flawless gaming with the advanced simulation technology and it optimises your game in the best way so that you can enjoy them without any type of lag issues. It offers high-speed gaming without any compromises with the frame rates. You will have the feature of the full screen which helps you to enjoy your games at full sized screens. It will also support the feature of autorotation which will help you to automatically rotate your device orientation during the gameplay. You can also have the option to change the controls of your game within this emulator. It also has support for Classic wiimotes which will help you to enjoy multiplayer games on your iOS devices. It gives you the option to adjust the usage of your CPU so that you can optimise your games manually before playing them. You can also have the full control to adjust the audio quality by changing the audio clock in this emulator. This will help you to filter the quality of audio sounds within your game. Continue reading

TUTUApp InstaRed

TutuAppAre you looking for a modified version of Instagram for bypassing the limitations of this social platform? If yes then here we are going to introduce you with InstaRed which is a tweaked version of Instagram available for your different iOS devices. It allows you to enjoy additional features to get the best experience with your basic features of Instagram. It allows you to easily save any picture from any of the accounts of Instagram into your devices so you can directly download your favourite images from Instagram with this application. It also allows you to directly save videos that you like into your devices. You can also have a feature of tap and hold any post to enjoy it in the best high resolution. You can also see the private profiles of another user by using this modified version for that you just have to double tap on the profile of other users. It is very easy to use this application and understand its amazing features as it will provide you with the simplest user interface. It also allows you to mute or unmute various users from your feed so that you can stop getting a notification for messages of such users. You can also read direct messages without the knowledge of another person that you are reading them. You can directly toggle between different views with this modified version so overall if you are interested to try some additional features with the power of Instagram then this is the best application to consider for having great fun with your Instagram app. Continue reading

TUTUApp CrunchyRoll++

TutuAppCrunchyRoll++ is the tweaked version of the official Crunchyroll application available for your iOS device. It will help you to access all of the paid and premium features of this application for free on your various devices like iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices. It also has some new modified features that will unlock many of the new methods of using this app. It does not require to jailbreak your iOS device for enjoying this modified version. You can install it nearly on all of the devices without having any problems. It will give you features of background play which allows you to easily enable the background playing. You can also enjoy HD videos without compromising with the quality of videos with this app and all of these videos can be enjoyed without paying anything. These videos are completely free. It does not contain any type of ads so you don’t have to worry about any type of viruses integrated within this app. It is a genuine app and used by many users on regular basis. Continue reading

TUTUApp Nestopia

TutuAppDo you want to enjoy some of the best games on your Android devices in the emulator but don’t know a method to play them? If yes then let us introduce you with Nestopia it is one of the best emulator available for your Android devices which will help you to enjoy different games without having any type of issues. It is very easy to install this app on your smartphones. This application is written in the C++ language which is one of the most popular programming language available outside. The user interface of this app is very straightforward and easy to use. It allows you to enjoy some of the best games flawlessly on your Android devices. You can also have the options to set up the controls for different games in your own way with this powerful application. It is an open source application so every user can enjoy its full functionality without spending a single buck. If you are stuck with any issues while configuring this app on your device then you can also get help from the community of this app and they will definitely answer all of your desired questions and give you the best possible solution for solving your problems. So if you are a game lover then this is the best option for enjoying games on your devices. Continue reading