TUTUApp TuneIn

Here is an app with which you are able to stream music, sports, news and much more for free. This app is known as TuneIn. With this app, you are able to watch your favorite sports programs for free. Here you discover your favorite sports programs and enjoy them for free. We know everyone who loves sports want to get every update in the sports world. With this app, you get all updates of sports for free of cost. If you Love NBA then watch every gameplay with TuneIn for free. TuneIn also provides you highlights of each match. You can enjoy all the famous football league from this app. All teams updates and all live session are available on this app. With this app, you are able to stream online music for free. Here you can search for your favorite music and enjoy it for free. TuneIn gives you access to get every latest music and much more for free. TuneIn also provides you podcast and much more for free. Latest TV shows and news are available on TuneIn. Just discover your favorite shows and watch them on the TuneIn app. This is the latest and updated version and with this app, your watch history is fully private. The tunnel runs in all kind of devices. You can download TuneIn in Android, iOS, and on another device or platform for free. Continue reading


FiLMiC Pro is one of the best videography application available on the internet which helps you to make professional videos with your device’s camera. This is app gives you the most advanced camera interface for recording your videos. It also gives you the ability to edit and create a high profile video project with its powerful editor and its user interface is very simplistic and easy to use. FiLMiC Pro provides you with many features such as pan & zoom control, trim, gamma curve control, live adjustments and much more. It also gives you a feature of sync integration by which you can easily store your data in the cloud servers and later you can easily access your data from any of your devices. It also facilitates you various shooting modes such as standard, manual and hybrid which helps to make your videos more professional. It supports both portrait and landscape filming orientations to shoot your videos. FiLMiC Pro also has many frame rates options such as 60,120,240 fps based on your device’s hardware. It also gives you a feature time-lapse recording by which you can easily create and share time-lapse videos and you can also customize presets for your outputs. FiLMiC Pro is available for both Android and iOS devices so you can easily enjoy videography on your Android, iPhone, and iPads. Continue reading

TUTUApp Craft Royale

This is the latest game in which you have to face other online players. In this game, your rankings will be given according to your character. There are lots of pixels character are available in this game. This game is based on a clash of pixels. This gaming system is so easy and simple. In this game, you have to start with 3 tower and you have to defend your tower from others. Each game has a session of 3 minutes. The person who will destroy the lost tower and defend his tower with others will be the winner of this game. This is so exciting game, lots of people love to play this with their families and have lots of fun. This is so addictive and you will become addictive of this game. You will play this game again and again. In this game, you have to won games and level up to unlock troops. You will have to collect card to go ahead in this game. You will found treasure and cheats. Which will help you to win this game. This is the latest version of the game and old bugs are setup in this version. You will enjoy this a lot. You can get it on Android devices. This game can also be run in iOS and another device platform. Continue reading

TUTUApp Last Day on Earth

It is a survival based game with full of action. This game will bring you into the world of 2027 where an infection is an outbreak and it is destroying the world. All the human are infected with this and humans are converting in zombies. All human race is destroying the cause of this infection and earth is converting in Zombieland. You have to survive in this situation and save people. Prove yourself in this game and become the hero of all human race. Fow of survivor is present on earth and they are not infected. Their blood has resistance to prevent this infection. All the survivors want to live in this ruins world without getting infected. All peoples are turning in to Zombies and exploring the infection. So to survive you have to kill them and save those people who are not infected. Collect all the things that you need to survive. And build yourself to war. Fight with zombies and kill them make your land zombie free and build your home. This game is so unique and addictive. Here you can write your glory with your survival skills. This game contains awesome gameplay and game controls so that you can enjoy the real gameplay. Graphics are so awesome and this game smoothly runs in your device. Download this game from the app store in all devices. Continue reading

TUTUApp Jurassic Survival

Jurassic Survival is a kind of hunt or survives game which you can play on your android devices. In this game, you were thrown away on a mysterious island which is full of dangerous dinosaurs. You were dying because of hunger and tough surroundings you need to hunt for your survival, collect resources and build your shelter. In this game, you need to do your best to survive on this mysterious island among hungry dinosaurs. In this game, you can also make your teams with other players to survive. In this game, you can also tame your dinosaur and train them as your pets. Perhaps taming dinosaur is note safe every time they can also attack you. You can easily use your tamed dinosaurs for carrying logs and to do other things such as you can let your huge tyrannosaurus loose on your enemy and this is this most exciting thing in this game. In this game, you need to spare your time collecting weapon, armor and various equipment to hunt a big dinosaur. In this game, you can also team up with others and make a common village. This game gives you the real thrills and adventure when you play. These all are just the beginning the main game world is much larger and very interesting. Continue reading

TUTUApp Angry Birds Go

Angry Birds Go is one more fantastic game from the classic angry birds series. This is a downhill racing game which is full of twists and loads of fun. In this game, you race on Piggy Island which feels like a rush as you move down the hills at lightning fast speed in a thrilling race towards the finishing this game gives you a 3D world experience through its high-quality animations and graphics. in this game, you have to upgrade your kart by earning rewards and you need to become the best driver on the piggy island. This game can runs very smoothly on your Android device. This game also has an exciting campaign mode in which you can test your skills with a lot of fun and amazing races here you can also unlock exclusive prizes. In this game, you have various racetracks, stunt tracks, off-track races where you can prove your driving skills. In this game, each character has a unique special power by which you can smash your enemy off the track and won the race. You can also become the best racer of the island by collecting and upgrading your karts. This game also has various interesting features such as daily races, local multiplayer mode, and much more. So overall this is one more best game from the classic series of Angry Birds. Continue reading

TUTUApp Hero Hunters

Hero Hunters is a team based shooting game in which you need to battle with your opponents. In this game, you can build a powerful team of heroes. This game has more than 40 characters from which you can select your favorite one. Here you can join epic games along with your friends to win the game. This game also has an online server on which you can play real-time PvP battles with opponents. In this game, you also have daily events in which you can participate to won interesting rewards. This game has a very high quality of graphics which will give you stunning 3D effects. The soundtracks of this game are also very realistic. In the game, you can make your army of heroes to play the game. In this game, you also have various guns, sniper rifles, swords and energy cannons to defeat your enemies. This game has an amazing feature by which you can dynamically switch your heroes with different ones at any time during the gameplay. To become the best shooter you need to upgrade your abilities and your equipment and perfect your shooting skills. In this game, the battle is never over so you can play as much battle as you want without any limitations. You can easily play this game on any of your android devices. This is one of the best RPG shooting game all over the internet. Continue reading

TUTUApp IP Cam Viewer Pro

IP Cam Viewer Pro is an app by which you can remotely access any IP cameras. This app is very useful for various organizations who use IP cameras. This app can give you the ability to view, control, listen and control any network cameras. This app can give you full control over your IP Camera, CCTV, DVR and WebCam only with your smartphone. This app only requires a working internet connection in order to make it works properly. This app also has a record mode which can convert your android phone into a solid-state network recorder to record all of your IP cameras. This app also facilitates you to record and playback your recordings. You can also do a search among your recordings to find a needed one. This app also gives you the ability to export your video clips to other devices. This app also has a motion detection feature by which can only start your recordings only when any motion is detected by the app and this app can easily work with all cameras. This app also enables you to hear the audio sound alongside your recordings. Currently, this app is only available for Android devices. This app can give you the complete control over your IP Cameras and WebCams. Continue reading

TUTUApp QR Studio Pro

QR Studio Pro is a barcode scanner application which helps you to scan and QR codes and barcodes on your iPhones. This app gives you the ability to read and create QR codes at your fingertips. This app gives you the ability to turn your video, music, images and voice recordings to QR Code. This is a professional application for encrypting and decrypting information in form of QR codes which is only read by barcode scanners. Using this app you can easily generate QR codes from your logos. This app can help you to read and scan all types of QR code such as URL, text, contact details, calendar, location and lot of other formats of QR codes on your iOS device without the need of any external device. This app is recommended for every user who deals with QR and barcodes on regular basis. I personally use this app to scan barcodes at my workplace and this app worths a lot to me. This app is one of the best barcode reader available in the market. This app provides you the feature of saving and sharing your own QR codes. The working process of this app is very simple you only need to open the application and align the code with it. This app automatically uses your device’s camera to read and scan code. This app also gives you the power to save and search your QR history. This app also has a quality filter support. Continue reading

TUTUApp Picsew

Picsew is an amazing screenshot stitching app by which you can easily stitch multiple screenshots to a single long screenshot on your iOS devices. This app also has a feature of manually stitching which enables you to stitch your screenshots both vertically and horizontally on your iOS devices. This app also gives you a unique feature of web snapshot action by which you can easily take screenshots of any web page instantly only in one tap. This app also has a notification center widget which helps to generate complex screenshots without opening the app. This app has a very powerful screenshot editor by which you can also edit your screenshots and increase their resolutions and get quality outputs. The support team of this app is also very active and responsive and they can help you if you have any issues regarding this app. The user interface of this app is very simple and easy to use so that every non-techie can easily understand its working. This app is fully compatible with both iPhones and iPads. This app also gives you the ability to add your copyright watermark to the screenshots and you can also have a feature to pixelate your screenshots. This app doesn’t contain any annoying ads so that you can completely focus on your work. So overall it is the best screenshot annotator app which can give you the full control over screenshots. Continue reading