5 work apps on Android 2018

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Your Android device is the mini computer that you carry all the time which you often used to do your official work and now you can manage it better using the 5 work apps on Android 2018 if you are concerned about work all the time.


Google sheets let you make Excel documents and everything related very easily and conveniently on your Android device. As the smart phones are getting bigger and more powerful, you can also make an Excel document from scratch and make it presentable using only your phone to do it. All the documents that you make or edit using the sheets app on your phone will be updated on all of your devices that have this app if you have turned on the sync.


The Google docs app works similarly, you can create or edit documents on the go using just your phone and it is super convenient which you can also use for all your official work and you can download the document in any format you want to share it further.

Google Drive

Google Drive is must have app for the people who keep transferring files back and forth from their computer to the smartphones. You can upload any file on your Google Drive and access it using any of your devices that you have signed in with your Google account.


LinkedIn is one of the most popular and trusted work social media network in the world and the significance of this platform has been increasing steadily for the past years. If you are serious about what you do and want to meet people who you would like to work with, you will need to have a good LinkedIn profile to support your image.


Microsoft office is now available on almost all operating systems which is very convenient given that almost all offices Around The World use it for their work and now you can create or edit an office document on the go using your smartphone only.

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