5 Halloween Apps for Android

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Halloween is one of the most fun holiday that we get each year and everyone gets to be what they desire and have been planning to dress for since last year. Check out our list of 5 Halloween Apps for Android. The following are the apps that will help you make your Halloween more special or help you get into character for the big night.


This is a no brainer, what is the easiest way to order your favorite Halloween costume? Yes you can rent it from the local store but in the times of Halloween everything is pre booked and you will need to buy an outfit and Amazon is the way to go. You can find all sorts of costumes on the Amazon store and order them with your prime account to get them delivered really fast.

Google Maps

Google Maps helps a lot when you do not know the area properly and want to go around the neighborhood at night. If your kids are going out for beggar’s night and you want to keep track of them, you can do so easily using the Google Maps app on both phones.


If you running short on ideas for Halloween then just go on Reddit anytime in the week before Halloween and you can find some really cool ideas for your costume. You can then use the Amazon app to order or you will find links in the Reddit post itself.

Halloween Icon packs

IF you want to transform your phone to give out the spooky vibe during the Halloween season then just download some Halloween teamed icon packs that you can install on your phone so everything looks like a pumpkin with a face.


IF you do not want to go out on Halloween and you would rather spend the evening in bed then just turn on Netflix and stream any horror movie.

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