5 Apps to Make Your Android Run Faster

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Our phones are retrieving a lot of information that can be accessed on a moment’s notice but this makes our phones clogged with information. Storing huge amounts of data phones have to process a lot more to do a simple task. There are many apps that can help you with cleaning your android and making it run faster. So here are 5 apps to make your Android run faster.

Norton Clean

Norton is a big brand when it comes to antivirus; Symantec’s have developed an app just for your needs if you don’t need an antivirus to help you run your Android faster. It detects old and unused and cached files and cleans them making life much easier for you.

DU Speed Booster and Cleaner

Du speed booster is one of the most popular apps in performance application segment. It scans and shows you large, unused and cached files and gives you options to select whichever you want to clean. It also boosts the battery life of your device by switching off unnecessary apps.


This app lets you control which background apps should function and which should not. Greenify allows you to put some apps in a state of hibernation so they consume less processing power and do not run in the background. It can also halt unneeded services like push messages, alarms, weights etc to improve performance.

App Tune-up Kit

App tune-up kit allows you to be aware of the apps that are eating most of the RAM and processing power of your device. It scans and gives you the detailed report on the apps that are consuming most resources so you can uninstall them and keep your device running smoothly.

Clean Master

It is another popular app with a clean and simple interface that allows you to get rid of all the junk and temporary files as well as cached data and unnecessary processes.


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