5 Apps that will help you take better photos in 2018

take better photos
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In this day and age, people are very social and they are active on their social profiles. Photos are a big part of your social presence so it is very important that you look good in the photos that you take and upload on instagram. We have compiled a list of 5 Apps that will help you take better photos in 2018, check them out.

Color Splash Photo Effect

The Color Splash Photo Effect is an app which you can use to make your photos look very unique and you may recognize this effect, after applying this effect the picture will become very fluid black and white but there will only be one color visible which you can choose yourself.

Onetap Glitch

Onetap Glitch is a very cool photo editing app which makes your photos seems like a glitch. You may have seen these kinds of photos on the profile of very famous pop stars and now you can do it too using the Onetap Glitch app.


If you like black and white photos then be assured because it does not get better than this, Hypocam will help you create very professional looking black and white photos that look very cool on most photos. You can get a more professional touch on your profile using the effects in Hypocam app.

Blend Photo Lab

Blend Photo Lab is an app which will help you join two different photo so you can have the dual exposure effect using just your smart phone. The dual exposure effect looks very cool and distinct and will make your photos stand out.

Obama Style Pop Art Image

You may have seen the picture of Obama in tricolor which is also sometimes used in memes, you can get that effect on your photos too using the Obama Style Pop Art Image app on your phone.


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