4 Trending Games for Android Right Now

Games for Android
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Check out the 4 Trending Games for Android Right Now that you should try out. The trending games and apps on the play store are always a delight to play or use because most of the times they are different than other apps that you have used or other games that you have played.

Street Gangster

In the Street Gangster game, you have to make a gang for yourself by selecting the meanest gangsters out there and seeing which of the people can make the best gang to be on the top in all battles. You just have to make the gang and they will fight and see who the winner is.

Dragon Hills

Dragon Hills is one of the most addictive games that you can play on your android device. The game is very simple, you have control over a dragon and you have to move it in space to destroy bad guys and earn superpowers in the process. You have one touch controls in this game and the graphics of the game are very nice.

Blown Away

Blown Away is a very entertaining one touch control game, the graphics and the music takes you to an old Disney movie and you can almost sympathies with the character in the game. Hendrik is your character and you are always moving through the levels, you have to charge your batteries and teleport one place on the screen to another.

Escape Machine City

If you are looking for escape games, you have found the absolute best and trending game right now which is worth your time. Escape Machine City has the mission as is evident from the title of the game, you have to think of the ways how you can escape the machine city by solving the puzzles in the game which are not all that easy.



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