4 Q&A Apps for android 2018

Q&A apps
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Q&A apps are a must have for all those people who google everything whenever they find themselves in trouble or can not figure out a way to deal with any current situation because someone, somewhere must have encountered the same problem and you can take help from the people on the internet if it makes your life easier so here is the list of 4 Q&A Apps for android 2018 that you need to have on your android smart phone.


Quora is a platform where you can share answers and get answers for your questions and it is one of the most popular Q&A apps in the world and all over the internet. Quora is often the first link on Google whenever you type in a question and it is helping millions of people worldwide to get answers to their questions and it is often very accurate.


We all know what Wikipedia is, the biggest encyclopedia in the world which you can access for free using your phone but you can also download the Wikipedia app which makes it so much easier to access the website and look for whatever you want from your phone and you get additional features like you can save pages with the app to look at them later anytime.


Reddit is one of the most popular websites which has millions of active users that keep it alive and it is also one of the most happening places to be on the internet. You can surely get some answers to your questions and much more from the website and make sure you do not spend a lot of time on it because it is super addictive.


If you want to get a full on detailed video version answer to a question then just download the TED app which will let you access the tens of thousands TED talk lectures that have been recorded all around the globe.

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