4 Best cryptocurrency apps to buy Bitcoin with Android

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If you watch the news, you might have heard about Bitcoins and how they climbed the value of 10,000 dollars for the first time in history. The world is going gaga over these cryptocurrency that you can buy on your phone and sell at will when the time is right. Let’s check out the 4 Best cryptocurrency apps to buy Bitcoin with Android that you should have if you want to mine bitcoins.

Bitcoin Checker

It is one of the most popular apps for any new buyer who wants to invest a small sum in bitcoins in order to make some profits. Bitcoin Checker is very simple but you will need to set it up first which can take a bit of time. The app will make sure you are a legal person and the activities are not suspicious. You can buy or sell small investments using the Bitcoin Checker app on your phone.

Bitcoin Price IQ

If you have invested some money in bitcoins then the Bitcoin Price IQ app will help you out with keeping track of your investment at all times. Bitcoin Price IQ is not limited to bitcoins, you can know about almost all the cryptocurrency out there and their conversion rates to other popular currency.

Bitcoin Ticker Widget

Just as the name suggests, Bitcoin Ticker Widget will give you widgets that you can pin on your home screen and they will keep you updated with what is happening to the exchange rates in real time. It also notifies you if there is a sudden large change in the value of your investment.


If you want an all in one cryptocurrency app where you can manage and invest in many cryptocurrencies then Blockfolio is the app you should download on your phone. You not only get a secure way to invest in bitcoins through your phone, you can also use it to buy other sorts of cryptocurrency.


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