4 Apps to Expand your Vocabulary

4 Apps to Expand your Vocabulary
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In today’s day and age people usually only talk to their friends and acquaintances through text messages. When you talk via text on a regular and frequent basis then your vocabulary tends to suffer a lot because you are more likely to use the same set of words over and over again because text messages are usually very short consisting of only a few words at a time and total disregard for grammar.

We have compiled together a list of 4 Apps to Expand your Vocabulary that you can use on your android device to help you retain or even improve your vocabulary by a significant margin.

Idioms and Phrases

The Idioms and Phrases app will introduce to a new phrase every day of the week so you can get a new phrase added in your permanent vocabulary and learning one phrase at a time is very easy on the mind too.

ILETS Exam Preparation

For al foreign students, to acquire a student visa in England you will need to clear an English exam where your command on English will be thoroughly tested. The ILETS Exam Preparation is designed in a way to help you clear the exam with flying colors.

Vocabulary Builder

The name of this app is self explanatory, Vocabulary Builder is an app designed to help you improve your vocabulary by introducing you to a new word every day of the month and you can take quiz and play other interactive games to have fun in the app while learning the English language.

Oxford Dictionary

As we all know, Oxford Dictionary is the most prestigious dictionary of English language and you can look up the meaning of any English word in the Oxford Dictionary app on your phone. The app is easy to use, convenient and very small in size and also free of cost.

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