4 Apps to Book Hotels at the Last Minute

4 Apps to Book Hotels at the Last Minute
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Check out our list of 4 Apps to Book Hotels at the Last Minute which will help you chose the right hotel room for you at the right price. If you book a hotel room at the last minute, it is more than likely that the staff will charge you much higher, avoid the risk and use the following apps.


Trivago is a very useful app when you are trying to find the right hotel for you at the best price. Trivago app will list all the hotels that meet your criteria according to their star ratings and the price of the room. You can check out the customer reviews, pictures and much more on this app and book the hotel room from this app itself.


Expedia is a very popular name in the hotel apps; it is also very useful app when you are trying to book a hotel room at the very last minute. Expedia will track your location and recommend you a hotel that you select according to the price bracket. Sometimes the app does not work as well and shows you hotels that are not nearby but it almost always hooks you up with great deals.

Hotel Tonight

As the name suggests, Hotel Tonight is a great app when you are in a desperate need of a hotel room but do not want to get robbed at the last minute while checking in because you do not have a reservation. Hotel Tonight shows you all the different options that you can choose according to the area you select.


Open the Priceline app, select the price bracket of the hotel room, and select the facilities you want in the room, the star rating of the hotel etc and you will see a list of hotels that meet your criteria in the location that you have selected. You can book hotels using the Priceline app itself and it often provides good discounts.

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