4 Apps a YouTuber Must Have

YouTuber apps
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YouTube is on its full speed expansion right now and almost the whole world knows about it and as a result we have seen massive increase in the number of YouTubers as well. Every YouTuber is unique and they all work very hard and have a daily job to do as a YouTuber and that is why we have compiled together a list of 4 Apps a YouTuber Must Have on their android phone.


This is the most obvious app to keep in your arsenal, YouTube is your workspace so it makes since if you have the YouTube in your phone. The good thing is that the YouTube app comes preloaded in all android smart phones right now so you do to have to download it but you do have to sign in with your account on the YouTube app on your phone.

YouTube Studio

YouTube studio is a must for every YouTuber, big or small. The YouTube studio is the app which is designed to give all the creators a dashboard to keep track of the growth of their channel on a daily and hourly basis. You can monitor comments on your channel, see how many views your videos are getting, how many people have subscribed to you and everything else with one single app.


TubeMate is the best app which helps you download videos from YouTube very quickly and in the resolution you want. TubeMate provides high speed downloads and being a creator, you will need to download other videos from YouTube to edit them and make a new one.

Tag You

Tags are very important part of a YouTube video and they are the ones which make your video visible when people search for the video in search box. Tag You allows you to see what tags a YouTuber has used on their videos so you can get inspired and know what works.

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