3 Apps to help you Take Better Photos with Android

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We use the smart phones we carry with ourselves at all times for all sorts of things every day, like making calls, texting, watching videos and also as a camera. As the newer versions of all phones are released, we are seeing a significant bump in the camera performance in all phones. Let’s take a look at the 3 Apps that will help you Take Better Photos with your Android device.


VSCO is one of the most popular apps on both android and iOS devices for taking great pictures with your device. The app has a built in camera feature where you can capture the perfect shot. You have the freedom of tweaking any little setting such as ISO or brightness and take the best possible picture. However, the VSCO app is really known for the professional looking edits you can make to your images after you have taken them and make them look great on your phone itself.


Snapseed is the best app for editing pictures on your android device is you do not want to use a computer. You have almost all the controls that you may get on a full fledged PC app for editing your pictures. Snapseed is used by a lot of professional instagrammers for most of their posts on social media. The Snapseed app has great potential and you can also post you pictures on the app itself as the Snapseed app has its own social media.

Adobe Lightroom

If you have taken a great shot but you are not impressed by the way the colors have come out or the brightness of the photos is not on point, just use the Adobe Lightroom app on your phone to tweak the pictures to look their best. You get a lot of great features right from the full program itself on this app.

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