3 Apps to Discover Good Music on your Android

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If you listen to music then you may know the moment when you want to listen to some good music but do not want to play any song you have already heard, if you find yourself in this situation a lot then just take a look at the below given list of 3 Apps to Discover Good Music on your Android which you can use to stream good music related to your taste.


Soundcloud is one of the coolest music apps ever where you can listen to great songs and the app is absolutely free of cost. One thing you might not know about Soundcloud is that it stores every song that you play on your phone so you can play them anytime you want without needing the internet. Soundcloud is like a social network for creators and you can upload your songs and share it with the rest of the world. Most of the big artists upload their work on Soundcloud first.

YouTube Music

You might not know it but if you buy the YouTube Red, you get a subscription to the YouTube music service as well where you can just start playing and it will find the music that you might be interested in based on your search history and your basic surfing on the platform. YouTube is the biggest source of media right now and you watch everything on this platform and they know what your interests are very well so they do a good gob guessing the tracks that you might like.


Shazam is the best music app which will help you discover so many great songs. Many times there is a song playing in the background that you really like but can not identify, well Shazam takes care of that and identifies that for you so you can listen to it very easily.

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