3 Apps That Drain Your Battery

3 Apps That Drain Your Battery
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The best thing about owning an android device is having the option of downloading tons of different apps from unlimited developers and the quality of the popular apps is always the best but not all the popular apps are good for your android device. A lot of these popular apps that claim to help your android device end up taking a lot of its processing power and decreasing your battery life. Take a look at our list of 3 Apps That Drain Your Battery to know more about such apps.

Android Antivirus

Any app that claims to be an Android Antivirus is clearly a joke because your android device does not need an Antivirus to be safe if your are cautious enough not to download everything you see on the web. Most of the time the Antivirus ends up sucking up all the power out of your device while updating or scanning files without permissions.

Speed Boosters

If you have any Speed Boosters downloaded on your phone, I want you to delete it right away if you want to increase the life of your battery because Speed Boosters are not useful at all. Such apps claim to clean up your ram from the processes that are not currently being used but android does not give permission to close apps by other apps, they are not doing anything but showing you appealing animations and making you feel like the phone has become faster.

Battery Savers

Yes, the very own Battery Savers are one of those apps that rob your phone of power. The Battery Savers are always running in the background and it requires power that they are constantly draining while claiming to be saving it. No third party app can control how much charge your phone receives so they are pretty much worthless on any android device.

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